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A look into how P.E.I.’s Electric Vehicle Incentive is going seven months later

By Abigail Cox

December 3, 2021

Islander Kent Cox poses beside his new electric Hyundai Kona.

Photo by Abigail Cox.

Kent Cox, from Charlottetown, purchased an electric vehicle through the Government’s Electric Vehicle Incentive five months ago.

Cox had been thinking of getting an electric vehicle for over a year and it was when the incentive came out in April of 2021 that really made him go for it.

“The electric vehicle incentive was really the icing on the cake, it was what nudged us over the line to purchase one.”

Before getting his electric Hyundai Kona, Cox had a Honda CRV.

“With our old car, we would go through about a two and a half tanks of gas per month, costing us about $100 - $120 each month.”

Now, he is only spending about 20 per cent of that each month and his electricity bill has only gone up about $20, said Cox.

“It’s absolutely saving us a lot of money each month.”

The incentive and getting an electric vehicle has been a great experience so far, said Cox.

“You don’t feel bad about going for a Sunday drive when you’re not adding any carbon emissions or contributing to pollution. I absolutely think Islanders should take advantage of this incentive.”

The government incentive has provided 300 Islanders with electric vehicle rebates, according to the Department of Environment, Energy, and Climate Action.

So far, the department is pleased with the number of Islanders who are taking advantage of the incentive.

The department hopes Islanders will continue to make positive choices when it comes to reducing their impact on the environment and climate change.

There is currently no end date for the incentive.


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