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Holland College heads to soccer nationals in Toronto

By Abigail Cox

November 4, 2021

Captain Paige Deighan (left) and striker Emily Lepine smile before soccer practice for the Holland College women’s team. Photo by Abigail Cox.

Darby Myers knows two things.

The Holland College women’s soccer team won the championship, her first-year coaching at that level.

And it will be a lot more challenging playing at nationals than in the Maritimes, said assistant coach of the Holland College women’s soccer team.

The team leaves for nationals in Toronto in four days. There, they play teams from across the country.

Their first game is Wednesday against Vanier College, the first-place team in the Ontario soccer league.

Holland College has what it takes to compete at the national level, Myers said.

“It will be a mental game, as well as a physical game, but I think our players individual assets will help us be strong on and off of the field.”

It will be a challenge, but nothing the team can’t handle, she said.

“This will be the week the girls will need to rise up to the next level.”

Hurricane’s striker Emily Lepine scored the second goal Sunday, putting them up 2-0 against Mount St. Vincent in the second half, securing the championship title for the team.

“There is no better feeling in the world than scoring in a championship game to help secure the win and get us to nationals.”

Lepine attended nationals with Holland College in 2019 and is thrilled to be going to her second soccer nationals, she said.

The team has a great shot at succeeding at nationals, Lepine said.

“They have everything to lose, we don’t, so we’re going to go out there and work our butts off. I think we will give the other teams a run for their money.”

Team captain, Paige Deighan, is excited to compete at the national level.

“Our season went great, the whole team improved and so did our chemistry. It felt like we really deserved it when we won, it was so thrilling.”

They will compete against a higher level in Toronto, but she looks forward to pushing herself and the team to step it up, she said.

“These teams are very strong and we're going to have to bring ourselves to the next level, as a team and individually. I know we can do it.”


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