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P.E.I. woman opens her own local Christmas craft store

By Abigail Cox

November 18, 2021

Lisa Purcell and her craft store partners are ready for their Christmas in a Barn craft show this weekend. From left to right, Kelley Farrar, Lisa Purcell, Chad Lidstone, and Liz Farrar. Photo by Abigail Cox.

Lisa Purcell has been busy lately, getting ready to open her Christmas craft store called Christmas in a Barn. After all, the holiday season is approaching,

Purcell has been using resources from her own farm to make her locally produced crafts to sell.

She makes homemade soaps, using natural products and honey from the honeybee farm she runs with her husband, David.

“I make moisturizer creams, shaving creams, shampoo bars and soaps all made from natural ingredients.”

Purcell also makes homemade wreaths from greenery collected from the woods on her land, driftwood Christmas house decorations using P.E.I. driftwood, and dryer balls made from her sheep’s wool.

“The wool is cleaned and then smoothed, with all the fibres lined up in one direction. I then roll it tightly into a ball and customers can then put it in their dryer instead of dryer sheets, and it’s much more environmentally friendly.”

She has always been a big advocate for supporting local businesses. Since starting her own business, she has become more aware of the importance of how things are produced and where they come from, said Purcell.

“It’s just a really good feeling producing my own crafts from all our own resources here on the farm.”

Since she retired from managing a vet clinic in Charlottetown, Purcell has been able to turn what was once a hobby into a business.

“I like being creative and trying different things. I really enjoy doing crafts and I like using what we produce on the farm”

The store is in the barn on their property in Bonshaw P.E.I., and she has joined two other women who also sell their homemade crafts at the store.

Liz Farrar has been doing craft shows for the last 30 years. She lives up the road from Purcell and they decided to work together to create Christmas in a Barn.

“I do a lot of the crafted woodwork, some painting, and sewing.”

Farrar’s daughter, Kelley, is also a big help with the store. She does the baking, knitting and makes the preserves.

They all have their different crafts and contribute to the store in their own way, said Farrar.

“We’ve all branched out and have different aspects that we bring, which is what makes it so great.”

Christmas in a Barn opened its annual craft fair this weekend from Nov. 18 through Sunday, Nov. 21.


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