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Parent’s relieved schools are going back to normal after a stressful 3-day closure

By Abigail Cox

September 16, 2021

Stephanie Currie (left) and Leanne Young-MacDonald (right) are excited for schools to be going back to normal on Thursday Sept. 16, 2021. Photo by Abigail Cox.

Panic washed over Stephanie Currie Sunday evening when she found out not only were the schools shutting down due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak in Island schools, but so was her daycare.

She only had a few hours to figure out who would be able to watch her two children Monday morning when she and her husband had to go to work.

“We had to try and come up with a plan A, B, and C, just in case,” said Currie.

Luckily, Currie’s mother-in-law was off work Monday and could watch her grandkids.

“I don’t know what we would have done if my mother-in-law couldn’t take them, it was definitely very stressful and I’m glad schools are back to normal on Thursday.”

Currie wasn’t the only parent panicking to make plans for Monday morning.

Leanne Young-MacDonald didn’t have a plan in place at all, and it took her by surprise when all the schools shut down.

“I didn’t even have it on my radar that Spring Park Elementary would close too, with no cases there.”

She quickly called their day care to make sure her girls could still go there, but the day care owner told her that they wouldn’t be taking any school aged children for the next three days due to the outbreaks.

Young-MacDonald had to reach out to family members to look after her two daughters Monday and Wednesday, and her husband worked from home Tuesday.

“It was a scramble; we were just trying to make a plan day by day.”

Her youngest daughter just started kindergarten last week, and only had three days of school before the outbreak.

“It was very stressful, not only for us but for the girls too,” said Young-MacDonald.

Darby Myers works at Kidz Kan Incorporated in West Royalty, an after-school program for elementary aged children.

They were also closed Monday to Wednesday.

Myers said that since they follow the same schedule the schools do, they had to close.

The after-school program has COVID-19 screening procedures in place, and they follow the same guidelines issued to schools to try and ease parents’ minds as best as they can.

“It is important for us to have guidelines and rules in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and do our best to keep everyone safe,” said Myers.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Currie and Leanne Young-MacDonald have put set plans in place with relatives in case of another school closure in the future.


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