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Prometheus Media Group: A local business built to help other local businesses grow on P.E.I.

By Abigail Cox

April 13, 2021

Ben Paton stands beside the sign for his new social media marketing business called Prometheus Media Group. The business helps Canadian companies promote their business and increase sales through social media and marketing techniques. Photo by Abigail Cox.

Ben Paton is the CEO and co-founder of Prometheus Media Group, a new social media marketing company based out of Charlottetown P.E.I.

The company develops social media strategies for businesses to become more known and increase sales for their clients. They do this by either creating or taking over a client’s business’s social media page and figuring out the right strategy to target people towards the business.

“We increase their engagement and sales through carefully planned out social media marketing campaigns.”

Paton named Prometheus Media Group after the Greek Mythology Titan named Prometheus who lived above Earth and provided humans with fire to survive.

“Our fire is our superior marketing strategies.”

Paton came up with the idea for the company last September but didn’t start the company until February. He was inspired by an online marketing community, where successful marketers shared how they started their own companies.

When he first began to start up the company, he thought he just needed to know about marketing, but he is using a lot of his knowledge about sales as well.

“I want to help Canadian businesses break through sales barriers by using strategically planned social media funnels.”

Paton is currently a marketing student at Holland College and his co-founder Cassandra Aragonez graduated from the graphic design program at Holland College last year.

They each have different roles in the company. Paton manages the accounts and writes the social media promo posts for clients and Aragonez is the graphic designer who designs all of the posts for each client.

Their office is located at 70 Sydney Street, in Charlottetown P.E.I. and you can visit their website at for contact information.


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