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Young and upcoming Island musician just released his first rap album.

By Abigail Cox

March 22, 2021

New local rap artist, Jake MacCallum, is working on his new music that he is hoping to release before the summer. Photo by Abigail Cox.

A student attending UPEI just released his first rap album and plans to release another EP before the summertime.

Jake MacCallum, 20, also known as his stage name Carrot Juice, put out his first album in February 2021, called Carrot Juice for the Soul which consists of nine tracks.

MacCallum decided to go by Carrot Juice as his rap name because he has always been known for his bright orange hair and was given the nickname as a kid.

He began writing poetry a year and a half ago when one of his best friends gave him a copy of the book The Lords and The New Creatures by American singer-songwriter and poet Jim Morrison.

“I felt so drawn to the poetry, it was so cool. Then I thought, why don’t I try putting this over a beat and meshing the two mediums together.”

A couple of months later, MacCallum released his first two singles in March 2020.

MacCallum is currently a full-time psychology student in his third year at UPEI and he also works two part-time jobs, tutoring and delivering pizzas for Dominos.

His music is just a hobby for right now, but he hopes if he continues to grow like he has been, it will be something he can do full-time someday.

“It’s something that’s in my back pocket as a hobby right now, but if I’m able to start making money from it, it’s slowly creeping out of my back pocket into my front pocket.”

MacCallum journals daily about everyday life to inspire lyrics for his songs. He also listens to instrumental beats and freestyles along to them, coming up with lyrics when he is driving around delivering pizzas.

“I love writing music, recording music and putting it all together.”

MacCallum is looking forward to releasing the new EP he is working on and hopes to be able to do some live performances this summer.

All of his music is available for streaming on SoundCloud, @jake-maccallum.


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